We build web applications, web-enabled desktop applications (using Google Chrome), and native/hybrid apps.

Web Applications

We specialise in web applications built using java and javascript technologies. These technology frameworks enable us to deliver our project implementations very rapidly.

Native Apps

Android and IOS native apps for different sizes of devices and, especially with Android, different versions of device operating systems, including legacy versions.

Hybrid Apps

Similar to our web applications technologies, we use java and javascript technologies, to build our hybrid applications that allow for a faster “go to market” strategy.

Desktop applications

Unlike traditional desktop applications, our desktop applications support all operating systems that support Google Chrome browser installation with one code-base.


Build web applications and hybrid smartphone applications in pure Java.

We build java web applications using the Vaadin Web Framework. The Vaadin Web Framework is a Java web application development framework that is designed to make creation and maintenance of high quality web-based user interfaces easy. Vaadin supports two different programming models: server-side and client-side. The server-driven programming model is the more powerful one. It lets you forget the web and program user interfaces much like you would program a desktop application with conventional Java toolkits such as AWT, Swing, or SWT, but easier.

Vaadin also provides Vaadin Touchkit for the development of hybrid apps. Vaadin TouchKit supports many special mobile browser features, such as geolocation, context-specific input fields, and home screen launching. On iOS, special features such as splash screen and web app mode are supported.

Products and Solutions

We've implemented turnkey solutions for some of our clients


This contract management system was built using MeteorJS and it also has a desktop client built using Google Chrome App.
We’ve recently built a contract management system to manage vendor contracts for one of our clients. The contract management system manages the lifecycle of a contract from authoring to expiry.


A Grant Application Management system built using Vaadin Web Framework.
SEDAGATE is an application built to manage the capturing and processing of Grant applications for Small to Medium Enterprises for a government department in South Africa.

Shared Architecture and Services Hub (SASH)

This B2B REST API was built using MeteorJS and ExpressJS.
As of Jan 2016, this major project is currently in acceptance testing, and is currently planned to go-live in June 2016. The API opens up the client’s core network systems to external partners so they are able to create value-added services on top of the client’s infrastructure.


A campaign management system built using Vaadin Web Framework.
This system is used for bulk email marketing to the client’s customers. We support functionality to track whether the email was read and when, whether the “call to action” links were clicked and when, etc


These are some of the programming languages and platforms we specialise in